Industrie 4.0

Today industry is 4.0 a hot topic, because it enables even greater individualisation of a product and thus the industrial mass-to-order production. This is also the image of an individual customer's request in real time to the reality of increased production efficiency.

Under the heading Industrial 4.0, many systems suppliers are currently working with the integration of production and supply chains, with intelligent factories of industrial production being the main aspect of industry 4.0. The main focus is the interaction of different components, such as Software, sensor, processor and communication technology. Industry 4.0 encloses besides the production and the supply or storage systems which communicate in real time.

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The concept behind Industry 4.0 offers enormous potential for companies.

However, the basis for the implementation is an overarching standard for software interfaces and associated processes.

To achieve this, open-source technologies are the first choice. Open-Source has been the foundation for security for many years - here, Linux is the basis of appropriate solutions. Also in the mobile sector shows the distribution of Android operating systems, the importance of open source technologies. Even large companies such as Google perform a variety of open source projects. Large companies and government institutions, put an open-source technologies to create a trusted IT infrastructure. This is a tremendous opportunity to work together on joint solutions to drive industry 4.0 and to implement overlapping standards, rather than hampering progress with individual point solutions progress.

IT IS AG sets with ODOO on the most widely used open source system for corporate management.

The mapping of the business processes and the production processes can be summarized and completed from one end to the other. By open source to other systems of PPS can be integrated better to CIM. At the CeBit 2016, IT IS shows an example of how an Industrial 4.0 project is taking place.

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